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Master ’s degree in General Health Psychology    

The Master’s degree in Health Psychology is aimed at preparing future professionals in the psychological detection and intervention of emotional problems, as well as problems of relationship and of psychopathological nature, all related to mental health. To this end, the graduates or licentiates in Psychology who attend the Master’s Degree will acquire the above mentioned professional skills based on scientific stock of knowledge of psychology applied to the healthcare and to the General Health Psychology.

Students will be trained in professional techniques and skills, derived from the psychological evaluation and the clinical practice, such as the diagnosis, guidance and treatment of the behaviour in accordance to the scientific advance of today’s clinical psychology. Students of this Master’s Degree will also acquire advanced training in basic research, which will enable them to elaborate and publish scientific studies in the field of health psychology. It is also intended to develop the student’s reflective, creative and critical skills to improve their professional practice and competence.